Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dino Rangers Roar, Power Rangers Score, Save us from these evil forces, WIN!

If you can tell by the title of the blog, I've been re-watching Dino Thunder, My favorite Disney season. Now that the Disney days of Power Rangers are over. I thought it would be fitting to look back at the Disney Seasons. So I decided to start with the best Disney season. And that's Dino Thunder. Why is Dino Thunder the best Disney season? Because it got everything right...Well not EVERYTHING but overall it was a solid season. The characters were are likeable and the storylines were all paid off in the end. Granted, The whole thing about Smitty kina fizzled out but I forgive Dino Thunder for that. The acting was excellent across the board, And the writing was great. You had Doug Sloan & Ann Knapp as Executive Producers. And you had Jackie Merchand and John Tellegen. So Dino Thunder had a talented writing staff. And what season of Power Rangers isn't complete without Jason David Frank? This time he was the Black Ranger. I'm not that big of a Tommy fan, But I enjoyed him in Dino Thunder. Dino Thunder is a 38 episode marvel. It knew what it had to do to put asses in seats and I did it. If there are any fans out there who hate the Disney produced seasons, Spare Dino Thunder. I wonder what fans would have been thinking if we had Doug and Ann as EP's for SPD? Hmmm.

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