Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dino Rangers Roar, Power Rangers Score, Save us from these evil forces, WIN!

If you can tell by the title of the blog, I've been re-watching Dino Thunder, My favorite Disney season. Now that the Disney days of Power Rangers are over. I thought it would be fitting to look back at the Disney Seasons. So I decided to start with the best Disney season. And that's Dino Thunder. Why is Dino Thunder the best Disney season? Because it got everything right...Well not EVERYTHING but overall it was a solid season. The characters were are likeable and the storylines were all paid off in the end. Granted, The whole thing about Smitty kina fizzled out but I forgive Dino Thunder for that. The acting was excellent across the board, And the writing was great. You had Doug Sloan & Ann Knapp as Executive Producers. And you had Jackie Merchand and John Tellegen. So Dino Thunder had a talented writing staff. And what season of Power Rangers isn't complete without Jason David Frank? This time he was the Black Ranger. I'm not that big of a Tommy fan, But I enjoyed him in Dino Thunder. Dino Thunder is a 38 episode marvel. It knew what it had to do to put asses in seats and I did it. If there are any fans out there who hate the Disney produced seasons, Spare Dino Thunder. I wonder what fans would have been thinking if we had Doug and Ann as EP's for SPD? Hmmm.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Return of Power Rangers.

That's right Virginia. Power Rangers is back. But no longer being held hostage by Walt Disney's frozen corpse. But by Saban Brands. Yes, I said Saban. The reason why we have Power Rangers in the first place. The guy who had the vision of an American Adaptation of Super Sentai. What does this mean for Power Rangers? It means the entire 700 episode library including the Disney Seasons, Airing on Nicktoons later this year. And 20 brand new episodes of Power Rangers will air on Nickelodeon proper in 2011. Helmed by Jonathan Tzachor. Who was a producer from MMPR-Wild Force. And production is staying in New Zealand. Which I have no qualms with. New Zealand has a lot of beautiful scenery which can be utilized for Power Rangers 2011. Which will be adapted from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Casting is Currently underway, And the main bulk of the casting is taking place in Los Angeles. American Actors Again. Nice. I for one am excited for the return of Power Rangers. And since Saban is back at the helm, You better believe that PR2011 will be promoted out the ass. May The Power Protect You. Always.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bandai USA-Shinkenger 2012?

At the New York International Toy Fair this past weekend, A Bandai rep let it slip that Bandai is planning to bring over Samurai Sentai Shinkenger to the USA in 2012. What this means still remains a mystery, Could Disney be adapting Shinkenger into Power Rangers in 2012?, Or is Bandai planning to do a Shinkenger toyline just for the heck of it? More to come. Stay Tuned.


If you haven't heard, Tensou Sentai Goseiger premiered last Sunday in Japan, I watched the first episode on Keyhole. I liked it for the most part. It reminded me of the 90's Sentai series, Like Jetman and Fiveman. My favorite character is Hyde. I just love his jerkiness.{Is that even a word}? My least favorite character is Arata. He annoyed me to no end. What's funny is Michiko Yokote head writer for Juuken Sentai Gekiranger, Is the head writer for Goseiger. So we may be in for a great series, Or a total disaster. It's hard to judge a new series based on the first couple episodes, Usually around episode 15 we start to form our verdict on Sentai series. But the first episode of Goseiger was good. It could have been MUCH better, But I'm content with what we got. It's par for the course for Sentai. I'm interested in what storylines will be introduced and where the characters will go. I give the first episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger, A 4. I enjoyed it despite it's flaws. Oh one more thing, I love the baddies. All 3 of them. The Bibi are okay for footsoldiers. Okay, I'm done ranting. Tensou!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tensou Sentai....Goseijaa!

The opening theme for Tensou Sentai Goseiger has been leaked for all the fans to hear, It's an awesome theme. Nobouo Yamada a.k.a. NoB is doing the vocals. It's very retro, It has a little bit of the Jetman, Magiranger themes in it. NoB does a great job with the vocals. This is his 2nd Sentai OP. His first being Boukenger of course. It's very upbeat and has a uplifting vibe to it. I like it a lot. It fits in with the theme of the series. Here it is. Tensou!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My final thoughts on Power Rangers.

Well, The curtain has come down, The lights have been turned off, The Power Is Gone. Power Rangers has ended it's remarkable 17 season run. And what a finale for PR to go out with. Danger and Destiny was fantastic. And the way Venjix was defeated was kickass. The Cornith City Control Tower fell on him and crushed him like a bug. It was so awesome. We got decent closure for the characters. Flynn and his dad are building new computer networks for Cornith, Ziggy and Dr.K will open a new school for children, Scott will be the leader of Corinth's Eagle Squadron, And Summer, Dillon and Tenaya are roaming the world to rebuild it. Speaking of Venjix, Apparently he lives on in Scott's Morpher. Hey, You can't fully get rid of a computer virus. RPM has been a fun, fresh season. It's sad to see it end. It's sad to see Power Rangers end. But all good things must come to an end sometime. PR's had a good run, The show needs a rest. But don't you fret, Power Rangers will be back someday. Stronger then Before, Powered Up For More. But for now. RIP Power Rangers. 1993-2009. It's been fun. RPM, Get In Gear!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is it, The end of Power Rangers.

Next Saturday, Power Rangers rides off into the sunset. After 17 years, And 700 episodes. Heck, Danger and Destiny Part 2 IS the 700 episode of Power Rangers. Judging from End Game. RPM Episode 30 which aired earlier today, We are in for an epic finale. Venjix's Hybrids vs Cornith, Dillon vs Kilobyte, The Grinders break into the Garage, Sounds like a good finale to me. Judd Lynn will send PR out the door in style. Then it's on to remastered MMPR. Fun. I will miss Power Rangers a lot. RIP Power Rangers. August 28th 1993-December 26th 2009.